Baby Has Two Moms


The journey into motherhood for two hopeful lesbians.



  1. Great book about the quest for motherhood anyway you slice it: Waiting for Daisy by Peggy Orenstein

    I must stress that this book is not just for mothers, infertile women etc. It is a book about being human and everyone could benefit from reading it. Would be fathers, singles, grandparents – read it. Mothers -buy it. Women who choose not to have children- read it. Women who can’t have children, buy it. You will see yourself in her mirror somewhere in her book. It will make you laugh, squirm and cry and you won’t be able to put it down. It is one of those books that sticks to your ribs and you will be thinking about Peggy O and her life for awhile. Her high school boyfriend who has 15 children is great non fiction – life IS better than art in this book.

    I too suffered from “unexplained infertility” and went through the fertility mill. I now have two beautiful children and I was trying to read the last 14 pages on Saturday morning while my two kids were climbing all over me and begging me to please read But not the Hippopotamus. I selfishly ignored the very children I tried for 4 years to will into being to read a book that touched on that awful, obsessive infertile “I am less than a woman” stale eggs time for me with a sledgehammer.

    Peggy O is my new literary heroine.

    Comment by Lori Poliski | March 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. I guess I was opposite. I was a fertile Myrtle, I just couldn’t carry a baby. I had one precious son 16 years ago and lost two. Takes a lot out of us but sometimes the lil ones are just waiting to pick exactly the right mommies to raise them. Yours is coming. Just keep the faith!


    Comment by albeitlunacy | May 23, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hi there, I’m a hopeful lesbian Mom too. We’ve been trying for 3 years now and have done 4 IVF attempts with 3 miscarriages and 1 failed attempt as well as 1 failed IUI attempt with my partner. I’m starting IUI’s this month and hoping for some good results! I just wanted to say that I empathize with you. My 3 best friends are all pregnant right now and this whole process is hard. It’s really hard. It’s hard on your relationship, it’s hard on your psyche, it’s hard on your body. It just generally sucks all around. Keep up the hope though. Someday when you have a baby in your arms (however it ends up working for you and your partner) this will all be a a distant memory…

    Comment by Allyson | November 5, 2007 | Reply

  4. Hi there,

    I found your blog on Best of luck on your journey to conceive/adopt.

    I hope you don’t mind me writing to tell you about my book.

    I am coeditor of a new anthology on queer parenting, just released in the United States: And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families. As we say on our cover copy, it’s “a funny and occasionally heartbreaking collection of personal essays that offers an intimate and unprecedented look at the relative risks and unexpected rewards of queer, do-it-yourself baby-making. While in many cases these are stories of finding (or not) the “right” biological stuff for baby making, they are also stories that call on us to re-conceive of family beyond biology.”

    We’ve been getting great reviews from the likes of Bay Windows (“And Baby Makes More is a thoughtful, funny, and poignant volume about the variety of ways we define families today.”), Mombian (“… the kind of rich explorations of LGBTQ parenting we need more of today”), The Dominion (“The stories in this collection are loud and inspiring examples of courage, creativity and love and queer parenting. … This book succeeds in the most urgent of the game: creating a space for the stories to be heard.”) and the Gay & Lesbian Review (“… diverse, poignant, and sometimes very funny…. surprising, enlightening and mandatory reading for any lesbians or gay men thinking of embarking on adventures in the wild world of parenthood.”)

    I hope the anthology might be of interest to you, and to your extended circles of family and friends. We’d very much appreciate it if you would pass on the word to anyone you think might enjoy the book, which is available online and at many independent and alternative bookstores. You can find more information as well at my blog:

    All the best for a Happy Mother’s Day!
    Susan Goldberg

    Comment by Susan | May 4, 2010 | Reply

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