Baby Has Two Moms

Spoke to Soon (aka Bravelle Blues)

Today the ovary pricking continues. Add a series of vivid dreams about stolen babies (I never remember dreams), one migraine, and one right nipple feeling like it is being ripped from my body (I usually get the sensation of someone extinguishing a cigarette on my left nipple with the Prometrium so this isn’t too bad) and now we know the Bravelle is on board. I wonder if it’s because yesterday was the day that we went to double dosage.

Tomorrow is the day that I go for another wanding and blood work. Let’s hope that we get the okay for the trigger shot so that I don’t have to keep getting stuck (or plop down another $500 for meds). Wish me luck!


October 29, 2006 - Posted by | On the mommy track?

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