Baby Has Two Moms

Still Here!

Full flow started almost immediately after I came off of the Prometrium. It hasn’t been as heavy as I worried that it would have been, but the cramps the first couple of days were unbelievable! The only thing that I wanted to do (and did) was curl up on the couch and sleep. It’s a damn good thing that school doesn’t start back until next week.

I have been kind of lax in temping this month. I gotta get back to it. It’s probably because I know that we are on hold this month and that I won’t know what our new course will be until I talk to Dr. McDreamy’s office next week.

I asked this question over at the forums last week, but I’ll ask here too since there are different folks around these parts. How do you feel about decorating a nursery while TTC? Two is anxious to get started and I am/was worried about how I would feel looking at the nursery if I got a BFN. After getting our BFN I am actually feeling more determined (I am a traditional over achiever and I hate the thought of failing at anything and I see this as more of a challenge than ever). I am feeling more like I want to go along with Two and start working on the nursery. Maybe it’s more of a question of the power of positive thinking!


August 13, 2006 - Posted by | On the mommy track?


  1. I would just go for it. Our motto is that we do plan on having a baby one day, so we might as well get prepared. You can do whatever you want.

    Comment by merrilee | August 13, 2006 | Reply

  2. go for it. Why not?
    However, don’t go for it too much. We did ours while AJ was pregnant, but we did more than we should have. Meaning, we bought a crib mattress (friends gave us the crib). Well at a year old he still sleeps with us and will until he decides it’s time to move out. Never thought we would do that. But we love it.
    So I would skip the crib until the kid is born and you KNOW you want him/her/it in a crib.
    But just decorate. It’ll make you happy.

    Comment by Estelle | August 15, 2006 | Reply

  3. we’re holding back a bit, not wanting to jinx ourselves. we’ve talked about what we’ll do with the room, but until we’re rock-solid certain we’re up the duff i don’t think we’ll do anything to the room. (i even have a pile of cute fabric that i’m going to use to make a cot-sized quilt, but it’s sitting gathering dust until then.) on the other hand, i hope we won’t leave it till the last minute coz i don’t want to be lugging furniture around when i can’t even see my toes.
    not that i’m saying that’s how you should do it… that’s just us.

    Comment by thetwinkle | August 25, 2006 | Reply

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