Baby Has Two Moms

T minus 1 and counting

We have swimmers ordered and they should be at the doctor’s office tomorrow (before 10:30). I started ovulation testing this morning and I’m pretty sure that the line was a little lighter than the control line.

The nurse at Dr. McDreamy’s office told me to schedule tentative appointments for Saturday and Sunday to be sure that I can get in just in case I need to come in. We’re doing back to back inseminations. twoofteo and I have decided to have sushi one last time because I can’t have it after conception (ah, the power of positive thinking). I may even have a drink or two!

We aren’t giving people blow by blows but our family does know that we are working on it. two and I have decided that we won’t disclose any information about the donor and that we’ll tell everyone that we are using IVF all of the time and that we are implanting embryos from both of us simultaneously so that we don’t even know which is which genetically. We don’t think that our families will treat the children any differently, but we want to be sure to dispel all possibilities. two and I actually look enough alike that it’ll be pretty damned hard to tell 🙂 At the recommendation of the fertility counselor, we’ve also consulted our blood type charts in order to make it that much more difficult to discern genetic connections. It feels really cloak and dagger right about now.

I think that the lady at NECC is sick of me right now. I wanted to be sure that the swimmers were sent out in a timely fashion since we are on such a tight schedule (two and I needed a little pressure to choose between the final two contestants). It didn’t help that McDreamy’s office was a little slow sending in the form that NECC needed. I did call NECC as soon as they opened this morning and was greated with “Good morning, oneofone. You are all taken care of!” I’m just hoping that she is used to stressed out, control freak lesbians who are trying to conceive 🙂

Right now there’s nothing left to do except wait to pee on another stick tomorrow and hope for safe travels for the swimmers.

Hey j: thanks for the advice on the long speculum I will be SURE to pass that one along since we are up for IUI this time around!


July 20, 2006 - Posted by | Dr. McDreamy, On the mommy track?

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