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Much better than "first post" don't you think? Let me tell you a bit about me and this blog. I am an avid blogger (under a different persona), feminist, scholar, lesbian, and all around kick ass person. I have decided to blog under a psaudonym to protect my privacy and yet share my experiences with other women like us (M2 and me). 

We are both 30-something women who have been in a committed relationship for over 10 years and have decided that we are ready emotionally, financially, and professionally to start a family. We realize that it is late in the game, but we always wanted to wait until we could give our children all of the things that we wanted them to have before we crossed that bridge. 

Our goal is to have 1 or 2 biological children of our own and then to adopt one from the US. We have lots of love to give and we think that sharing our love with a child who is currently in the system is the way that we want to go. That is if we are still allowed to adopt by that point considering our current political system.

For the past year or so I have been working to make sure that I am healthy enough to carry a healthy prenancy (taking prenatal vitamins to avoid spina bifida, getting my blood pressure under control (a new development not unconnected to my past job stress), getting my body strong (also no unrelated to my job) because sitting on your ass all day does not make for a buff body, and making a home for me and M2 that is ready for B1 (2 and 3).

I can also say that I am not your typical mommy type, but you'll learn more about that as the weeks and months go one…I have to keep you coming back, right?

Next week we go to a new fertility specialist (I hated the last one) to start the show. I have spent the last month filling out the mountain of paperwork that they sent me and tracking my basal body temperature. Now I get to drive 100 miles and see what the dude says (yes, that is our closest FS) and start the dwindling of our lifesavings because our medical insurance does not cover fertility treatments of any kind. They took that away at the same time that they added domestic partner benefits (no small coincidence I'm sure). Some folks might say that I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but I say that I'm more of a realist.

I am anxious and scared about this first appointment. Will FS say, hell no you're too old? Will my medically controlled hypertension come into play? Will he find something amiss that my local GYN has not in previous appointments? Will my waiting for a stable career and life come back to bite me in the ass? I guess we have to wait to find out. Wish me luck and expect to hear lots of pissing and whining in the months and years (?) to come!


June 17, 2006 - Posted by | FS Day, On the mommy track?

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  1. i look forward to seeing this all unfold. i wish you luck in your pregnancy pursuits – hope it happens the very first try. and i wish you all the best when you decide to pursue adoption. you won’t regret parenthood.

    Comment by afrindiemum | June 17, 2006 | Reply

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